Transcript of Return Mail

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Convict and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Hello Horatio. Or should I call you Marcus Fine?
  • The Convict: At your service, portmaster. I've heard some disappointing news. The man chasing me knows where I am. Now, I'm not one to apportion blame, but that information can only have come from this port.
  • Player: Be careful, Marcus. I won't have you throwing blame around.
  • The Convict: I'm not one to accuse. Besides, the damage is done. He won't stop until I'm dangling from a gallows like a bauble. While that may not concern you, I'm afraid I took some precautions.
  • Player: What do you mean?
  • The Convict: Meaning that I sent him a letter. I've warned him that I am khan of Hyu-Ji island, and that the sea orphans are my army. I told him to stay away, unless he wants a fight.
  • Player: Why would you do that? You're risking the lives of an entire community!
  • The Convict: Oh, I am, I am, and I HAVE been losing sleep over it. But how can I possibly protect them? I have no fleet, no men.
  • Player: You are a terrible human being, Fine.
  • The Convict: Oh dear, oh dear. Sticks and stones may break my bones. But, pray, who is protecting the bones of those helpless sea orphans? Goodbye, portmaster.

After Voyage

  • Player: Give me one reason not to throw you in jail.
  • The Convict: Only one reason? I better make it a good one. How about a letter I've drafted to the White Knights? It might mention how you've killed several of them. The White Knights may have been off-duty, but it's the sort of thing they take offence at. The letter's postmarked for delivery in two days' time - if I'm not there to stop it, it gets posted.
  • Player: This how you make friends, Marcus?
  • The Convict: No, this is how I get a message across.