Dialogue for Researcher

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  • Researcher: Hello there! I heard all about your big find; well done!
  • Select an option
    • Can you tell me more about the tools an archaeologist uses?
      • Player: Can you tell me more about the tools an archaeologist uses?
      • Researcher: Of course! Let's see now...
      • Researcher: Trowels are vital for fine digging work, so you can be careful to not damage or disturb any artefacts.
      • Researcher: Rock picks are for splitting rocks or scraping away soil.
      • Player: What about specimen jars and brushes?
      • Researcher: Those are essential for carefully cleaning and storing smaller samples.
      • Player: Where can I get any of these things?
      • Researcher: Well, we've come into a bit more funding of late, so there should be a stock of each of them in the Exam Centre's tools cupboard.
      • Researcher: We also hand out relevant tools as students complete each level of their Earth Sciences exams.
      • Player: Anything else?
      • Researcher: If you need something identified or are not sure about something, give it to Terry. He's the archaeological expert in the next room.
      • Player: Ah, okay, thanks.
    • Thank you!
      • Player: Thank you!