Transcript of Research notes (Invasion of Falador)

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Starting Out[edit | edit source]

Research notes

  • This is a collection of apocrypha about the Banner of Farradorn, an artefact believed to have belonged to the first king of Asgarnia.
  • '...Raddallin of Donblas, the first to unite the squabbling of cities under one rule: Falador, Taverley, Burthorpe.
  • His Banner[sic] was said to be an item of unusual power with which his armies were unstoppable...'
  • Scribbled in the margins is a hand-written note. It reads, 'more to find about city hstry. mb herald?'

Herald of Falador[edit | edit source]

  • Herald of Falador: Hello! What can the Falador Herald do for you?
  • Player: I found this stuff about the Banner of Farradorn, and it mentioned heralds in the margin.
  • Herald of Falador: Oh, Raddallin's Banner? It's an old Asgarnian myth - Raddallin brought the kingdom together into one land, and founded the Knightly Orders.
  • Herald of Falador: As least, he founded the White Knights and then the Kinshra, the Black Knights, a little later. The Void Knights had disbanded by then and the Temple Knights weren't attached to Falador yet.
  • Herald of Falador: Anyway, he was the one who built the first proper castle in Falador, over the wood fort that had been there before, to house the Knights and his court.
  • Herald of Falador: I'd imagine their record-keepers would know more about what happened to the Banner, if you ask up there.
  • Player: Thanks!
  • Herald of Falador: No problem at all. Now then -ahem-
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • The Falador Herald suggested the record-keepers of the White Knights might know more about Falador Castle.

Sir Renitee[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Renitee: Hmm? What's that, young man (woman)? What can I do for you?
  • Player: I'm looking into the story of the Banner of Farradorn. The Herald at the fountain square said you were the man to ask.
  • Sir Renitee: Hm, yes, the city heralds. Fine work they do.
  • Player: So, what can you tell me about the Banner?
  • Sir Renitee: According to what little we've got from that period, the Banner used to be visible at the highest point in the castle. It's said that it was a beacon of radiance and hope, strength of the nation, all the useful fateful properties. Of course, the last records of that date back to before the Black Knights began plotting against the crown and had to be expelled.
  • Player: Plotting how?
  • Sir Renitee: Those records are for the ruler's eyes, or his appointed stand-in, only. Something quite awful, presumably. I've always half suspected, if the banner ever existed, that they took it when they left. Kept it, burned it, hid it maybe. Hard to say for sure.
  • Player: Hm, thanks.
  • Sir Renitee: Now, is there anything else you need the College of Arms for?
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • Sir Renitee believes the Kinshra - the Black Knights - may have stolen or hidden the banner when they were banished from Falador.

Image of Lord Daquarius[edit | edit source]

  • Image of Lord Daquarius: The Invasion of Falador has begun, much to my regret. Will you aid the Kinshra, or fight for the White Knights?
  • Player: One question, before we continue.
  • Daquarius: What is it?
  • Player: Did you steal the Banner of Raddallin?
  • Daquarius: ... Hahahahaha! Do you think I would still allow this raid to continue if I had? No, the lives of these men mean more to me than that. I suggest you ask your question of Amik. They and their devious Temple Knights conspired to have us banished, exiled for crimes they don't even have the legitimacy to declare. No. If that banner is in knightly hands, be sure the leaders of the White Knight order are the ones who have it. Right. Now that's over with...
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • Lord Daquarius insists that the White Knights would never have let the Banner out of their leaders' control. He suggested I take the matter up with Amik.

Sir Amik Varze[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Sir Amik? I need to ask you something.
  • Sir Amik Varze: Certainly.
  • Player: I've spoken to several people about the Banner of Raddallin. Can you tell me in all honesty that you know nothing of its whereabouts?
  • Sir Amik Varze: It's true there used to be records accessible to the commander in Falador that spoke of a possible resting place of the Banner. How accurate they were, I couldn't have said. They may have been entirely worthless for all I know. Sadly, many records perished during the previous Siege of this city some years before the Sixth Age began. It's thought that includes the location of the Banner. Believe me, I'd be keen to find it. But I suspect the only place you'd find any information these days would be in archives held by private land-owners.
  • Player: Hm. Well, thank you.
  • Sir Amik Varze: Can I help with anything else?
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • Sir Amik stated that if any information persists about the Banner, it is in the hands of private property owners of Falador.

Estate agent[edit | edit source]

  • Estate agent: Hello. Welcome to the RuneScape Housing Agency! What can I do for you?
  • Player: I'm told you have access to some of the city's records around the time of the Siege of Falador in 164.
  • Estate agent: Well, not records as such. I do know a lot about the various families who've owned houses here in the city.
  • Player: Have any of them ever been connected to an item called the Banner of Raddallin in the years since the Siege?
  • Estate agent: Not that I know of. And I made quite an effort a couple of years ago to find that banner myself, see. You can find rumours of it surviving the siege in the documents immediately after. But then the Massacre happened and it all got a bit frantic. No word of it since. Well, a couple of families who survived by taking refuge with the dwarves mentioned odd happenings, but I couldn't get the dwarves to talk to me about it. Perhaps you'd have more luck? Most of the big wigs in local dwarven society are in the southeast of the city.
  • Player: Worth a try! Thanks for the lead.
  • Estate agent: Anything else I can do for you?
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • The Estate Agent had heard stories of survivors of the Falador Massacre who had taken refuge with the dwarves in the southeast of the city.

Aksel[edit | edit source]

  • Aksel: Welcome! Welcome, ​​​my dear lad (lass). I'm Aksel, proud artisan and long-suffering inventor. Glad to make your acquaintance. Feel free to speak with me if you're looking for advice on what to do here or, if you'd rather, consult that nearby map.
  • Aksel: Welcome. What brings you to the home of the artisans?
  • Player: Actually, I was hoping you could help me out.
  • Aksel: Oh aye?
  • Player: I'm told some survivors of the Falador Massacre had experienced odd happenings, possibly related to the Banner of Farradorn.
  • Aksel: Well, that's before my time, but I do know the dwarves gave sanctuary to anyone who asked it that day. And I think I remember one of the miners talking about a sort-of-noble family who claimed they'd seen weird things. They took refuge in the tunnels during the Massacre, but those tunnels stretch under the whole city and some of them date back to well before dwarves came to Falador. I'm not much of a digger, personally. And I doubt any of the miners would be interested enough to have looked into the story. I'd suggest you find someone to ask who really cares for the soil, and who knows the oldest tales of the underground tunnels. While you're here, fancy helping out in the Workshop?
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • Aksel, in the Artisan's Workshop, stated that the tunnels under the city were a refuge during the Massacre, and suggested asking an expert on soil.

Wyson the gardener[edit | edit source]

  • Wyson the gardener: I'm the head gardener around here. If you're looking for woad leaves, or if you need help with anything, I'm your man.
  • Player: Well, the dwarves say you know a lot about the tunnels under Falador.
  • Wyson: As much as anyone, I'd say.
  • Player: Apparently some families hiding from the Massacre had an odd experience underneath the city, related to the lost Banner of Farradorn. Trouble is, there's a lot of tunnels.
  • Wyson: Basically the tunnel system's a magnet for the arcane and the curious. Well let's see. The mole tunnels didn't extend that far back then, and they'd have been mad to hide from danger in the Living Rock Caverns. The Mining Guild hadn't built its southern expansion, the Queen Black Dragon's tunnels hadn't been broken into... And the impassable door in the northeast and the red-gemmed hatches block off anything that might be behind those. They wouldn't have been allowed passage up to Ice Mountain while the unrest was still going on, which means... If it's hidden down there, it's got to be in the central section of the mines. They'd not have been able to reach the rest of what was there. Well, I'd best get back about the gardening.
  • Player: Thanks, Wyson.
  • (Regular dialogue options)

Research notes

  • Wyson the gardener mentioned that the only section of tunnels old enough to be relevant are in the upper sections of the mines.

Glowing rock

  • This rock glows with a spiritual light. How is it you never noticed before?
  • Touch the rock?
    • Yes
      • As you touch the rock, a human-like entity coalesces without fanfare next to you.
    • No
      • You leave the rock alone. Who knows what horrors unearthly glowing could signify?

Research notes

  • The egregore of the kingdom of Asgarnia is resident in the mines beneath the city! It seems to be a guardian for something.

Spirit of Farradorn[edit | edit source]

  • Spirit of Farradorn: Greetings, One who is not Chosen.
  • Player: Not Chosen?
  • Spirit of Farradorn: I am the Spirit of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. I guard the Banner that symbolises the kingdom's first founding.
  • Player: The Banner! That's what I've been searching for!
  • Spirit of Farradorn: When the Chosen One comes, she will take up the Banner and lead Falador and Asgarnia to its destiny.
  • Player: I can do that, if you let me have that banner.
  • Spirit of Farradorn: No. Sorry, but there is too much else you need to do. You have no time to be King (Queen) of a single kingdom with its daily bureaucracy and its constant demands. You are not the Chosen One.
  • Player: After all I've done to find this Banner...?
  • Spirit of Farradorn: Yet I see you being influential in the kingdom's future, nonetheless. As such, though I cannot allow you to take the true Banner, I can give you its blessing, and let you bear its semblance...
  • (Spirit fades)
  • You have unlocked the Banner of Farradorn wing-slot cosmetic override!
  • Player: Wow, that tingles. Wait, I have questions...!
  • Spirit of Farradorn: ...goodbye, adventurer...

Research notes

  • You've already got what you needed from these.
  • Are you sure you want to destroy this object?
  • You've done all you need to with these.
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