Transcript of Research Continues

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Architect and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: You wanted to speak to me, Lidylla?
  • The Architect: Yes. I have gathered some building techniques from engineers in your lands. I can return to strengthen our structures.
  • Player: Do you need to head back now?
  • The Architect: I might stop off briefly to update the elders, but my main aim is to scout other islands.
  • Player: What for?
  • The Architect: We cannot be the only island to have faced such earthquakes. Others must have survived, and I want to learn how.
  • Player: We have a ship about to head out. You are welcome to join the crew.

After Voyage

  • Player: Hello Lidylla. How is your town doing?
  • The Architect: For too long we have focused on aesthetics over resilience. Construction is ongoing in my absence, but the tremors continue.
  • The Architect: I believe that the tremors will stop eventually, but not before it is too late. No island has managed to survive similar earthquakes.
  • Player: What is your plan?
  • The Architect: To return to Varrock Museum, to study. It is possible that a nation has endured such earthquakes in the West.