Transcript of Reinforcement

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Architect, The Trapper, The Chef, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: I've gathered you together to discuss a problem that Lidylla is having.
  • The Architect: It is the small matter of a creature attacking miners from my hometown. I have been informed that you have both encountered this animal.
  • The Trapper: Say no more, young lady! It's the shape-shifting blighters! Just let me just load up Ol' Bessie and-
  • The Chef: Hold up, you can't just go exploding them, Reginald! There'll be nothing left to cook!
  • Player: There will be no exploding or cooking. Both of you are going to accompany Lidylla, so that you can keep the miners safe.
  • Trapper & Chef: Yes, Portmaster.

After Voyage

  • Player: How is the mining site?
  • The architect: There have been fewer attacks, thanks to these two. They were most competent.
  • The trapper: I'll take that as a compliment, fair maiden.
  • Player: Did you learn anything more about the creature?
  • The chef: A miner managed to injure one of the creatures quite badly.
  • The trapper: Poor creature seemed to dissolve. Discombobulated into a bluish-purplish goop!
  • Player: So, that's their true form?
  • The architect: It seems so. Whatever they are, they are unhappy with our presence. But we need to mine the material, so we have no choice.