Dialogue for Ref

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Ref: Greetings, [sir/[sir/madam]].
  • Tell me about the shotput area.
    • Ref: Of course [sir/madam]. There are two different weights of shot...
    • Player: Shot?
    • Ref: Yes [sir/madam]. Shot. The iron spheres that are propelled by the chemical energy stored in your body.
    • Player: The... what?
    • Ref: Your strength [sir/madam]. The stronger you are, the further you can throw the shot, but there are other factors of course, like your technique.
    • Player: What's that then?
    • Ref: The style of the shot [sir/madam].
    • Player: Iron has style??
    • The referee sighs, rolls his eyes and continues....
    • Ref: [sir/madam], the style in which you throw the shot, not the style of the iron.
    • Player: Oh! You mean the spinny round thing or the chuck it straight?
    • Ref: Crudely put, [sir/madam], but yes. Some are more difficult than others. Experiment and see which you prefer.
    • Player: Thanks for the help!
    • Ref: You are welcome, [sir/madam].
  • Do you have any tips for me?
    • Ref: Tips, [sir/madam]?
    • Player: Yes, like how can I do better than everyone else.
    • Ref: [sir/madam] may find that a fine powder applied to the hands may give one an advantage when putting the shot.
    • Player: You mean if I grind something up and put dust on my hands I'll chuck the ball further?
    • Ref: Yes, [sir/madam].
    • Player: Thanks!
    • Ref: You are welcome, [sir/madam].
  • Bye!
    • Ref: Good luck [sir/madam].