Transcript of Recipe for Disaster journal entry

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  • I spoke to the Cook in Lumbridge, who asked for my help again in preparing a feast for some very important visitors to the castle.
  • He needed a 'Dirty Blast', some greenman's ale, a rotten tomato and an eye of newt for the feast.
  • I brought all of the ingredients to him, and he rewarded me with some cooking experience!
  • Intrigued by his description of the Centennial feast, I entered the dining room, where an evil magician from the past appeared, and threatened to kill the entire council!
  • Luckily, the Gypsy from Varrock showed up in the nick of time, and cast a spell to freeze him in his tracks, giving me the time to hunt down some special recipes that would protect the council members from his magic.
  • With the council members immune to his magic, the Gypsy removed her time spell, so that I could defeat the Culinaromancer once and for all.
  • Before I could attack him though, he jumped into a magic portal and escaped!
  • I followed him through his portal, where he summoned a series of monsters to fight me, but I managed to defeat all of them with ease.
  • After he had used all of his power on his minions, he was an easy fight, and I made sure he would never threaten RuneScape again with his mad schemes!
Quest Complete