Dialogue for Reborn phoenix

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Dialogues[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1[edit | edit source]

  • Reborn phoenix: Skrooo skrooooouuu, skreeee. (Could I ask you some questions for a change?)
  • Player: Fire away, I'm sure you have lots of burning questions.
  • Reborn phoenix: Skroo, skree. (Never mind.)

Conversation 2[edit | edit source]

  • Player: So, where do you like to go when you're not at home in that lovely cave of yours?
  • Reborn phoenix: Skroooue, skreeee skreee, skeeeeeeooouuuu. (I love a hot bath at Red Dragon Isle and the Lava Maze is lovely at this time of year!)
  • Reborn phoenix: Skreeeeeeeee skree, skroooo, skroooooooou (We should go out there for a dip, you'll feel totally reborn after that. Heh.)
  • Player: Erm, I think I'll pass.

Conversation 3[edit | edit source]

  • Player: There's a fiery individual living out near the Seers' Village. I think you'd get along.
  • Reborn phoenix: Skree, skree. Skrooou skroue skreeooou skrooou. (Yes, I've seen that one. Tries hard but clearly not invested in the art.)
  • Player: Why would you say that? He's a master of flame!
  • Reborn phoenix: Skreee skreeou skreeou, skreee skree. (Well, for a start he still has all of his hair.)

Conversation 4[edit | edit source]

  • Player: What's the most impressive fire you've ever seen?
  • Reborn phoenix: Skreee skroooue skroou, skree skreeeou skreeeeee. (The destruction of Forinthry was beautiful and raged on for longer than you can imagine.)
  • Reborn phoenix: Skree skroou skree, skreeeeeeee skreeeeeee. (To create such a desolate Wilderness though, to see so many lives snuffed out...)
  • Player: It's terribly sad. We all need to respect the power of flame.
  • Reborn phoenix: Skroo. (Indeed.)