Transcript of Rat Catchers journal entry

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  • Gertrude told me of two ladies Phingspet and Grimesquit, who apparently know much about catching rats. I found them in the Varrock sewers. They seemed rather strange and a bit dim.
  • To prove to them that I was worthy of their time they demanded that I catch 8 rats with my cat, which I did without much bother.
  • I told the sisters of my success at catching the rats. They said they could do little to teach me in the sewers and gave me a rat pole.
  • Grimesquit and Phingspet told me I should seek out Jimmy Dazzler in Ardougne. They believed he could teach me about cats. I found Jimmy Dazzler in the back of the Flying Horse in Ardougne.
  • He set me a task of entering a mansion and catching a number of rats there unseen.
  • I made it through the garden unseen.
  • I caught the rats inside the house.
  • I completed the task by escaping from the house undetected.
  • Jimmy knew little about grown cats so he told me to seek out Hooknosed Jack in Varrock. I found him in the South East of the city. Jack said he couldn't help me because he was too busy so I volunteered to help him.
  • I cleared a warehouse of rats for Jack, by putting poisoned cheese in all the rat holes.
  • On reporting back to Jack he was very upset. It turned out his cat - Pox - had been poisoned by one of the rats I had killed in the warehouse, out of a sense of guilt I offered to help him find a cure for the cat.
  • I found the Apothecary and told him about Pox, Hooknosed Jack's cat. The Apothecary agreed to help and knew of a cure.
  • I rushed around and found the ingredients the apothecary needed to make the anti poison.
  • I gave the anti-poison to Jack. This cured Pox.
  • Jack informed me that I hadn't completed the task, one rat remained, the biggest and nastiest of its nest.
  • I found the last rat hiding in a half blocked off room. I was unable to attack him, so I sent my cat through a hole in the wall to complete the task. A long and nervy battle between the two animals ensued, but my cat prevailed.
  • I returned to Hooknosed Jack and told him of my cat's triumph.
  • I travelled to Keldagrim and met with Smokin’ Joe, an ageing dwarf with a rather bad set of lungs. I agreed to help him out with a nest of rats that he's trying to smoke out.
  • I constructed a device for smoking out rats, from of a pot and some garden weeds and then lit it. I then tried to smoke the rats out by blowing smoke into their nest. Once the smoke entered the hive the rats ran out another exit, but the smoke cleared quickly and they returned. My cat then offered to help with the problem. It stood guard outside the other nest entrance and ambushed the rats the next time they tried to escape.
  • Smokin’ Joe told me to seek a curiously named person - ‘The Face.’
  • I talked to ‘The Face’, who told me that Felkrash the Bard wanted to talk to me.
  • I then found the bard and she set me the task of killing all the rats in Port Sarim with one action.
  • I sweet talked ‘The Face’ into telling me how Felkrash managed to kill all the rats in Port Sarim.
  • The Face mentioned the snake charmer of Polinivneach played a role in how Felkrash achieved her success. I then travelled to Pollnivneach to meet the man.
  • I talked the snake charmer into giving me some music and a flute with which I can charm the rats of Port Sarim.
  • I took the flute that the snake charmer gave me back to the port and played the music, which was written on the sheet. Rats gathered all around me seemingly drawn by the melody. I then led them to the end of the pier all the time playing the same tune. They then hurled themselves to the last rat off the end and drowned.
  • I spoke to Felkrash about the rats I drowned. She saw the incident and can now compose her poem.