Dialogue for Rantz

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After getting at least 30 Chompy kills

  • Rantz: Creature done good, cooking da chompy. Maybe you wants a free hatsie? Rantz got lots of hatsies for chompy shooters.
    • What are these 'hatsies'?
      • Player: What are these 'hatsies'?
      • Rantz: Creature stupid? Hatsies to wear on head, make you look good. Huh huh huh.
      • Player: Ah, I see, you're offering me hats.
      • Rantz: Dat's what Rantz said. You want hatsies or not?
        • Okay, show me your 'hatsies'.
          • (same as below)
        • No thanks.
          • (same as below)
    • Okay, show me your 'hatsies'.
      • Player: Okay, show me your 'hatsies'.
      • Opens Chompy hunter hats interface
    • No thanks.
      • Player: No thanks.
      • (dialogue terminates)