Dialogue for Ramsay

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1
  • Ramsay: I been watching your human cooking. You call that food?
  • Player: What do you mean? I thought I was doing well.
  • Ramsay: You are an idiot sandwich. What are you?
  • Player:
    • I'm an idiot sandwich.
      • Ramsay: What are you?
      • (Returns to previous options)
    • I'm an idiot sandwich, Chef Ramsay.
      • Ramsay: Good. First step is admitting your mistakes. Now let's get some maggots and improve that meal.
Conversation 2
  • Ramsay: Hello smelly humans! Today I be teachings you all how to make my special recipe.
  • Player: What are you doing?
  • Ramsay: Me's practicing for cooking show.
  • Player: What's a cooking show?
  • Ramsay: Stupid, smelly human! It's where you can watch and learn from me as I am cooking.
  • Player: That sounds ridiculous, who would even come to watch that? Where would they even watch that?
  • Ramsay: I not thought that far yet. Perhaps you could be inventing some magic boxes that everyone can see me on.
Conversation 3
  • Player: What can you teach me about Cooking?
  • Ramsay: Humans are of simple tastes. Get shark, cook shark, eat shark. Boring!
  • Ramsay: You needs to be adding more flavours to your foods.
  • Player: Interesting. What would you suggest?
  • Ramsay: Lots of good flavours. Charcoal, birds[sic] nests, unicorn horn. You should be using your eyes and looking for flavours everywhere!
  • Player: Those are certainly some unique flavours.