Transcript of Ramraid

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Whaler, The Navigator, and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Navigator: Ahem. Apologies for bothering you.
  • The Whaler: Louder! Big news needs a big voice!
  • The Navigator: Ahem. Hubbub and I have been working together...
  • The Whaler: Oh, it was all him, trust me!
  • The Navigator: We've mapped the path of Shuma. First, where we found Hubbub, then the Bay of Echoes...
  • The Whaler: She was nearby!
  • The Navigator: And then she was near the crabbing village. Plotting those points, she's heading in a straight line...
  • The Whaler: And not too fast, either! Raggedy old Shuma!
  • The Navigator: She's heading directly to New Heritage, the biggest city in the Eastern Lands.
  • The Whaler: She's getting revenge! Can you believe it? She's getting revenge on humanity!
  • Player: You're sure of it?
  • The Whaler: It makes PERFECT sense. I saw the revenge in her eye, and she's swimming as fast as her aging, battered fins will take her. She wants revenge on the biggest human city she can find: New Heritage!
  • Player: But what could she want revenge for?
  • The Whaler: Who knows? Who cares? That tail of hers alone is enough to cause a tidal wave - a tsunami! We need to get in her way!
  • The Navigator: According to the chart, she's due to pass through the Jade Straits.
  • The Whaler: What do you say? Shall we stand in the way of a whale?

After Voyage

  • The Whaler: Haha, there's no stopping that one! We slowed her down, but she has the bit between her teeth!
  • Player: What options do we have?
  • The Whaler: I have a plan, but let me work on the details. Dream Pirates of Xu! You couldn't get a better nemesis than Shuma!