Dialogue for Ralph

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1
  • Ralph: Oh wow, did you just see what we passed?
  • Player: No? All I saw was a pile of rubbish.
  • Ralph: EXACTLY! I need to jump into it right now!
  • Ralph runs off quickly and dives into the rubbish, then scurries back quickly.
  • Player: Feeling better now?
  • Ralph: That was so good!
Conversation 2
  • Ralph: Can we go to the Grand Exchange?
  • Player: What does a raccoon need to go there for?
  • Ralph: No reason. I just found some items while you were training that are weighing my bag down.
  • Player: Are you sure you just 'found' them?
  • Ralph: What are you accusing me of? I'm just a poor, little raccoon in a big, scary world.
Conversation 3
  • Player: Hmm strange, I swear I had more coins in my money pouch than this.
  • Ralph: I've been keeping a close eye on it and you have exactly the amount of coins you're meant to have.
  • Player: Are you saying that from your opinion or mine?
  • Ralph: Does it matter? I'm your cute, cuddly companion.