Dialogue for Raklette

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Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Conversation 1

  • Player: So what can you tell me about shadow anima?
  • Raklette: It's much better than boring normal anima.
  • Player: How so. Does it give you special powers? Does it enhance your strength to inhuman levels?
  • Raklette: It's purple.
  • Player: Is that it?
  • Raklette: Purple is much better than feeble green.

Conversation 2

  • Player: How are you today oh terror of the dragonkin?
  • Raklette: I have laid siege to a city and crushed my walls beneath my heels.
  • Player: Yes, I am still unhappy with you stamping on my sandcastle.

Conversation 3

  • Player: So you were infused with the power of shadow anima?
  • Raklette: Yes. I am fury incarnate. I am darkness made flesh. Through me you enter the population of loss!
  • Player: Do we though? I mean you're kinda cute. Not really deadly monster material? You're bitesize fury, mini fury at best.
  • Raklette: You dare risk my wrath? I shall crush you beneath my heel. My teeth are swords, my skin is iron. I am DEATH!
  • Player: Aww you're so cute when you get all monologue-y. Come here and let me give you scritches you adorable little monster you.
  • Raklette: No! I am DEATH! Ok a few scritches, but I AM DEATH!

Conversation 4

  • Player: Why are you smiling. What have you done?
  • Raklette: I have feasted on the flesh of the innocent! To devour the unborn and revel in that sweet, sweet taste.
  • Player: What? When did you do that?
  • Raklette: This morning. As their parents gorged themselves on grain and seed, I crept into their home and stole their helpless young. Then, with my mighty claws I smashed them against the side of the skillet. I roared with triumph as they sizzled and whitened under the heat of my fire.
  • Player: ... Wait. I had breakfast with you this morning all you did was... You fried an egg.
  • Raklette: The delicious flesh of the unborn!
  • Player: Why are you so weird? That's not even how eggs work!