Transcript of Rainbow's End

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Opening Treasure Hunter for the first time during the promotion

  • (The following are seen in the tutorial interface:)
    • Rainbow's End
    • New and improved Rainbow's End has 7X Multipliers unlocked from the start!
    • Open Rainbow Treasure Chests to win up to 7X new prizes and shiny rainbow cosmetics!

Unlocking multipliers (historical)


  • (Transcript missing. edit)


  • (Transcript missing. edit)


  • You've unlocked the X4 mutiplier! You can now win up to four prizes from each chest.


  • You've unlocked the X5 mutiplier! You can now win up to five prizes from each chest.


  • You've unlocked the X6 mutiplier! You can now win up to six prizes from each chest.


  • (Transcript missing. edit)