Transcript of Quiet Before the Swarm journal entry

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  • I spoke to Sir Tiffy and agreed to investigate a case on the Void Knight Outpost. Commodore Matthias wasn't thrilled with me investigating, but he allowed it.
  • I spoke to everyone on the island about the possibility of an escaped pest.
  • I accussed the reseatcher Jessika's of releasing the pest.
  • I reported to Captain Tyr about Jessika's reaction to the accusation.
  • I told Commodore Matthias that I suspected Jessika. He seemed doubtful, but agreed to further investigation.
  • I agreed to drink a potion and enter Jessika's mind to determine the truth.
  • I unscrambled Jessika's memory of releasing the pest to prove that she had done it.
  • I told Commodore Matthias that I saw a memory confirming that Jessika had released a pest onto the mainland.
  • I spoke to Commodore Matthias and he invited me to command meeting to decide the best course of action.
  • I reported back to Sir Tiffy and explained all I had done to find out how a pest had reached the mainland.
  • I went to Port Sarim to meet the landing party, but only Korasi had made it. She seemed very disorientated and couldn't remember what had happened.
  • I spoke to Korasi. We agreed the best way to make her remember was for me to enter her mind. Korasi has some of the potion left that I used to enter Jessika's mind.
  • I guided Korasi's memories across the bridge, back to their rightful place.
  • I placed the memories I'd guided across earlierback in the correct position on the ship.
  • I relived the memory and saw the pest attack on the ship.
  • I viewed the whole of Korasi's memory of what happened on the ship and saw them attacked by pests, which were being controlled by a mysterious figure.
  • I spoke to Korasi and Sir Tiffy about what I saw. Korasi asked me to speak to Tyr about what happened.
  • I gave Commodore Tyr the bad news. He's agreed to work with Sir Tiffy to track down the pest. They'll contact me when they have a plan.