Transcript of Queen's journal page 4

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I am left with little choice but to acquiesce to Drakan's demands, for he holds my husband captive. His vyres somehow breached the castle in the night - we fell back to Everlight, but in the confusion, Ascertes was kidnapped. Archon Bable did not hold at Everlight, however, and continued his retreat to the east with the bulk of our remaining military force, and only my loyal royal guard remains, along with the non-military citizens.

I have instructed those who cannot fight to flee however they can - there is no point in them giving up their lives for the Archon's cowardice. However, I must stay to ensure the survival of my husband, their king. Word of Lord Drakan's ruthless reputation has carried even this far, and I dare not risk his fury being meted out on my loved ones. I have entrusted my child with two of his carers, my hope being they can smuggle him out to safety, perhaps to one of the nearby human settlements. The farther away they can get, the better, though it is hardly any safer across the river.

The royal guard say they will not leave my side, and they know what that likely means. When the time comes, I have instructed a handful of them to sabotage access to the Everlight. I do not imagine Drakan would attempt to steal its power for himself - it's probable a creature such as he could not even benefit from it, but it is best to not take the risk. No, I fully expect he will attempt to snuff it out, but on failing to do so, will simply destroy the tower or sink it beneath the waves. He and his vyres despise the light it casts and would not abide it for a second longer than they must.

Darkness shall fall on Hallowvale this day, for Everlight is forsaken.

-Queen Efaritay