Transcript of Queen's journal page 3

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Despite our presence on this world being a campaign of war, it has brought me the greatest joy I have ever felt in my life - both a husband and a son. I am filled with love for them. Back on Hallow, the expectation would have been for me to wed Archon Bable, a marriage of convenience. He is an odious man whom I must tolerate, for he holds great sway over our military forces here, and they are needed to protect my beloved citizens.

Yet Lord Saradomin and I spoke on this matter, this tradition, and he encouraged its breaking when I told him of Ascertes. The humans are our allies too, a power in their own right, and an alliance worth cementing as much as any from our home world. Of course, Lord Saradomin's blessing was given in knowledge that it was practical, but he could see how much we were in love and celebrated in our joy just as much as in our duty being fulfilled.

Our Lord soon heads to the west with a newly formed force of human followers, supported by lions, unicorns, centaurs and even icyene, though many of my kind shall remain behind at Everlight to stand guard. He sets out on a long campaign to raze the imperial capital of Senntisten once and for all, though first he must carve a path to it. Long has it been a blot on the land under the rule of the Empty Lord, but now the usurper sits upon its throne almost as if nothing has changed in the intervening centuries.

May the Everlight cast across the river and smite our Lord's enemies!

-Queen Efaritay