Transcript of Queen's journal page 2

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With construction of Everlight completed and more icyene arriving each day, work on our homes here has begun in earnest, along with a castle to serve as my seat. It shall sit nearest to our new beacon.

My people have named this land Hallowvale, both in honour of me and testament to our home. From this foothold, we are expanding northwards, with the hope of securing all land east of the river, and creating chokeholds at every point of crossing. This will then provide my people with a bastion of safety from which to strike out against our Lord Saradomin's enemies, and a place to return to after each foray into the lands beyond.

Yet I must make this place more than just one of safety; it must feel more like a home. To that end, I have instigated a number of projects that should help our people settle here more easily. First, I have set in motion plans to hold regular games, much like those back on Hallow. They will be both a source of pride for our people and something to look forward to. In time, we can invite other allied and friendly races to join in with us.

Second, as morbid as it might seem, construction will soon begin on a graveyard south of our city here. Previous extra-planetary campaigns have taught us the cost of war, and though they are necessary, having a way to honour our fallen and remember them, to bring them home to their families, provides us with the strength to fight on.

Finally, beyond our own needs, we will soon construct a number of settlements for our new human allies. It is important that we make them not feel alienated by our culture, and show them that we and they can live side by side within the light of our lord.

-Queen Efaritay