Transcript of Qualification - Associate

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This transcript involves dialogue with Acting Guildmaster Reiniger and the player.

Ceremony[edit | edit source]

  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: Here we have Player, an Archaeologist moving up in the ranks!
  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: [He/She] has continued to demonstrate great value through hard work and cooperation.
  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: Player has allowed the Guild to accelerate its knowledge of our past, giving us a greater understanding of events gone by.
  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: I believe that Player has the potential to continue to climb through the ranks here at the Guild, and perhaps one day become a Guildmaster in [his/her] own right.
  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: Player, it is the Guild's honour to announce you as our newest Associate!
  • Members of the Guild celebrate, and the monolith starts acting differently.
  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: It's happening again!
  • Acting Guildmaster Reiniger: Is it Tony reaching out to us?
  • Cutscene ends.
  • (On the first time:)
    • Certification of qualification is shown.
    • NEW Research Available: 'Mysterious Monolith: Architecture'.
    • Talk to the guildmaster to collect your qualification reward.
    • Congratulations, you have completed: 'Qualification - Associate' - Complete all of the listed achievements and attend the qualification ceremony.