Transcript of Qualia of Life

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Memory and the player.

Before Voyage

  • Player: Are you still feeling the pull of the craters?
  • The Memory: Yes, and it's getting stronger. I even sleepwalked out of bed last night. I can't control myself even when I'm asleep!
  • Player: Let's see if we can't find you a safe place in The Hook - my captains tell me that The Fistmarks of Genma always gives them a strange feeling when they visit. Maybe you'll feel something like the mermaids' songs made you feel. It's worth a shot, and at the least you'll be further from the craters.
  • The Memory: And further away from Kakashi, too. He still has his mercenaries out hunting for me. If this place is out of the way, I might be a little safer.
  • Player: I'll inform my captain. While you're away, I'll look into this Kakashi character.
  • The Memory: Thank you, World Guardian. I'm starting to see why I chose you. Gah! I mean why Guthix chose you!

After Voyage

  • The Memory: Oh, it was wonderful! Thank you, World Guardian. There IS an energy at the Fistmarks, and it felt strangely familiar. Whatever Genma was, I think it was a bit like me! We also met some sirens out there! They called me 'Kami', and they pulsed with music. I could feel the energy of sorrow and joy in their song. I don't know what 'Kami' means, but I like it. Just hearing it made me feel more...more real! Does that make sense?
  • Player: I'm not sure either of us knows what makes sense for you yet.. Why didn't you stay longer?
  • The Memory: I had to leave - Kakashi's ships were on the horizon. Your captain suggested we came back quickly.
  • Player: Ah, yes. Kakashi. He's new in Wushanko. Despite his name, I think he must be a westerner. That fits with him being an experienced diviner. I was meaning to ask - have you felt the pull of the divination craters today?
  • The Memory: Oh! I'd completely forgotten! I didn't feel them at all while we were away!
  • The Player: It seems that spending most of your time in the east is working.