Transcript of PvM Reveal: the Rex Matriarchs - RuneScape Weekly Stream (Feb 2021)

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  • Mod Orion: [26:54] There is, uh... So, this area was designed for, um, some like really cool future kind of unlocking, um, different aspects of uh... exploration, and um, you'll find that we unlock the doors kind of maybe one or two at a time in the future as a form of progressing through this specific area. Um... but for now, we can bee-line it straight through. It's quite... it's... I mean we joke about it, but it's kind of fairly obvious where to go, and then uh... and then yeah... um... We've only shown you like a small portion of this as well, we'll leave the rest for you guys to kind of explore and free cam and kind of go around. You can see on the minimap, there's fairly a few different paths and stuff like that to... to explore. Um... later on at your leisure, um...
  • Mod Spear: [27:38] Should I go in.
  • Mod Orion: [27:38] Yeah, go on.
  • Mod Sponge: [27:41] Yeah, you'll be fine to go in for the first... the first area.
  • Mod Orion: [27:45] Yeah, there's like a lobby area here.
  • Mod Spear: [27:47] Oh, nice.