Transcript of Projects Night Owl and Hawkeye

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Projects Night Owl and Hawkeye

My latest work has involved the development of different types of visual aids. While aviansie eyesight is quite keen, especially among our warrior tribes, not all aviansie are blessed with the eyes of a hunter, and only a handful of tribes have night vision. These would be advantageous to all aviansie, so I have been studying the eyes of my compatriots and trying to mimic their natural adaptations in a mechanical fashion.

The first of my successes led to the production of Night Owl flight goggles. Their range is somewhat limited - (note to self: improve viewing distance) - but via the application of liquidised quintessence (note to self: let's try to solidify some quintessence into a chuluu stone) on the lenses of some everyday flight goggles, we can now all see in the dark. This could significantly improve the effectiveness of Night Guard raiding parties.

The other project I have been working on is Project Hawkeye. It will be, effectively, a multi-purpose telescope - I'm working both on portable variants and larger, more powerful, mounted versions for installation on key islands. One of the lenses will, of course, employ the same processes as used for Night Owl production, but those inspired me to see what other effects could be generated. To that end, I've been experimenting with other elements - the element of fire has led to a lens that can see heat, and air allows for a lens that can see through most solid objects. I'm still having some difficulty adapting the water and earth elements to have any useful function.

Telescopic vision was a cinch, however, being that it is an existent technology, but I've been able to increase our efficacy with it ten-fold! Not only have my research team being[sic] testing it out by observing the land below, some of the younger ones have been using it to view the skies above, particularly at night to view the stars in greater detail (note to self: research microscopy).