Transcript of Project Talon

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Project Talon

The Stormguard commander has tasked me with adapting the Project Carina system with military applications. I tried to explain that the suit is best suited to provide mobility to the less fortunate, that it was not suitable for combat functionality, he reassured me that this was only for defensive purposes. Better to be prepared, he says.

Well, it's not my most creative work, that's for sure, but I have adapted some keshik blades and front-mounted them on the wings. It's not as simple as just slapping some swords on the front, though, as I needed to factor in typical force and momentum profiles of warriors in combat, such that the blades not only have some offensive and/or defensive capability, but also don't cause the user to be knocked out of the sky.

As current, they should push any obstacles along the blades and out towards the wingtips, at least moving them aside, but hopefully also creating enough force to cause significant damage. It's rudimentary but should be effective enough. (Note to self: research magical force deflectors, personalised shielding.)