Transcript of Project Carina

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Project Carina

Chay'ot's injury was not uncommon among aviansie, though far more common since these blasted wars began. For an aviansie to damage or lose a wing, such that flight was no longer possible, was as good as a death sentence back home on Abbinah, and many would opt for Sha'va'taya rather than become a burden on their friends and family. While the practice has long since been outlawed, this new world has such abundance that I was inspired to find another solution, such that those injured so can regain some of their independence and agency.

The breakthrough discovery of quintessence has allowed me to create a mobile power source, and I have initiated Project Carina with the intent of creating a pair of artificial wings. My early designs suggest they will be able to give limited flight even to our human allies, but freedom of movement will be confined to a certain distance for one of our island's gravitational cores. (Note to self: increase both height and range extremities for effective functionality, failsafe mechanisms.)