Transcript of Project Blackfire

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Project Blackfire

The blackfire lance was one of my earliest creations. It's a simple device - a standard keshik lance modified with a single-shot black powder mechanism mounted behind the blade. Stick 'em with the pointy end, then ignite the mechanism for maximum damage. It was the perfect weapon for a keshik raid, a single hit-and-run on enemy forces. Or, if ignited before hitting the enemy's front line, could fell them before contact is even made - truly shock and awe.

Its employment within the towers of Stormguard is far less strategic, but we keep them on hand regardless. There is not enough time to prime the mechanism for a second shot in the heat of battle. Still, this is a low priority, as the citadel is enveloped in a storm cloud to mask its location, and the research area is surrounded by a charged barrier of my own design. (Note to self: increase range and accuracy, allow for multiple shots.)

The Stormguard commander has required all researchers to adopt codenames, to help protect our identities should we step outside of the citadel or be captured by enemy forces. I have taken my name from the high-pitched winds that whip around my lofty workshop.