Dialogue for Prison Pete

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At Port Sarim Jail[edit | edit source]

Talking to Prison Pete[edit | edit source]

  • Prison Pete: Has he g-g-gone?
  • Player: Has who gone? Do you mean the guard?
  • Prison Pete: No! The c-c-cat! An evil t-t-tomcat, fur as black as the n-n-night.
  • Player: Wait, do you mean Bob the Cat? He's harmless!
  • Prison Pete: No! I mean Evil Bob - his twin from another p-p-plane of existence! 
  • Player: Er, okay... No, there aren't any cats here.
  • Prison Pete: Are you s-s-sure? He can appear out of nowhere at any time. He might be behind you right n-n-now! He'll take you to a m-m-magical prison full of balloon animals...but they're alive! And have k-k-keys inside them!
  • Player: Right. I'm suddenly very glad there are some prison bars between us.
  • Prison Pete: M-m-me too. I feel s-s-safer when I'm in here.
  • Player: You and me both.

Randomly while in his jail cell[edit | edit source]

  • Cat appears
  • Cat: Meow!
  • Prison Pete: No!
  • Cat disappears
  • Prison Pete: Phew!