Transcript of Prifddinas is Reborn

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Prifddinas
[00:03] Lost City of the Elves
[00:05] With time, the city has been fully restored.
[00:09] Finally. The last of the great elf families can return home.
[00:15] First among the families are the Ithell, renowned for their ability to sing crystal into wondrous shapes.
[00:22] Crystal singing requires handfuls of harmonic dust, which can be drawn from the air in the Ithell harmonium.
[00:30] Those who seek to master their crafting skill will find the harps of particular use.
[00:37] Crystal flecked sandstone juts from the Ithell mountain, and can be formed into crystal flasks.
[00:45] These are the only vessels powerful enough to contain combination potions.
[00:51] Neighbours to the Ithell are the Amlodd, who tend to the life-force of the world.
[00:57] An immense vortex spirals up through the Amlodd area, and shadow creatures endeavour to claim it for themselves.
[01:04] Defeat them and they will revert to a dark core of crystal, which can be purified using your divination skills.
[01:13] The resulting light cores will help to summon creatures of light.
[01:18] Further out is the impling collector.
[01:21] This eccentric elf has made it his life's work to catalogue every impling. Helping him in this task will lead to great rewards.
[01:32] While other clans choose to build, fight or destroy, the Hefin look inward. They meditate on the wisdom of Seren.
[01:41] Clarity is gained by balancing on the serenity poles. Those with the required balance and poise can move in time with Lady Hefin.
[01:51] Within the Hefin Cathedral resides the largest fragment of Seren's body.
[01:57] Using cleansing crystals heroes can help return this crystal to its former glory.
[02:04] For the most agile adventurers, the ultimate challenge awaits: an agility course that leads the player up and over the Hefin Cathedral.
[02:14] It isn't for the faint of heart, but offers truly breath-taking views.
[02:20] Finally we come to the Meilyr.
[02:23] When elven explorers discovered an entrance to Daemonheim, this family led expeditions and came back with all manner of plant life.
[02:32] One such plant is the Harmony Moss. This moss reacts to achievements in the city, growing as you gain experience.
[02:42] Once harvested, they form an essential element of skilling potions.
[02:47] Within the halls of Daemonheim, the Meilyr also found the Motherlode Maw statue.
[02:53] Those brave enough to place their hand within the statue's mouth will find that unique items residing there.
[03:01] The last of the city has been rebuilt.
[03:04] The final four families have returned, and the city restored to the glory of its past.
[03:11] Prifddinas is reborn!