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This page lists the changes to some of the ideas on the design documents after the players feedback. Note that as with any update Jagex can modify or revert any of these changes they confirmed on release.

Elf City Design 1[edit | edit source]

Here[1] is a rundown of the changes we are planning based on YOUR feedback on the first part of the Elf City design document:

Changed[edit | edit source]

Solomon. We are investigating the removal of Solomon. 
Chronicle cash-in NPC. We are removing this character. The best chronicle cash-in NPC will remain the one you unlock after World Wakes
Golden Shattered Heart. There is a complete divide in the community about whether the Shattered Heart should have a grace period or not before we remove your trimmed completionist cape from you for completing it. Our current feeling is that we can subtly rejig the content so that there are short-term goals that can be achieved before you lose your cape. There will be more news later as this is designed.
Diango. An elf version of Diango, with some additional content (most likely a permanent holiday event portal) will be added to the Tower of Voices based on your comments. 
Titles. More titles will be added, and some will be extremely exclusive, to reward those who go that extra mile.
Saradomin-looking elf clan. We will be changing the small logo of the elf clan whose symbol looks like a Saradomin star. This will be something deer-like.
Crystal blossom timings. Rather than being a completely binary, with the blossom either appearing or not appearing, the crystal blossom will be harvestable at any time, but there will be periods when it is more rewarding. This gives a reward to those who wait for the right time, but does not punish those who are not.

There was a notable amount of feedback on the following, but we will not be changing them for the following reasons:

Not changed[edit | edit source]

Xuan. While some of you wanted him removed, he is useful for recolours, cashing in of Jack of All Trades and some others. We will make sure he's not annoying and intrusive, though! He will also be an elf version of Xuan, not Xuan himself.
Lodestone. Many of you wanted the lodestone removed, as you believe that teleport spells have been devalued, and/or the elves would not make themselves so accessible. While I understand these comments, the city is still exclusive by its nature, the content needs to be accessible or it is hugely devalued, and we are doing our utmost to make sure that teleport seeds and other transportation methods still have real value in the city.
Crystal look of the city. Concept art can only do so much in communicating how a finished city will look. Our environment team have done a great job in giving the city a pearly sheen, which you can't see in the concepts. Also, there will be transparent crystals throughout the city, to show the raw elements that then harden to form the marble-like walls you see in the concepts.
Tower chimes. Some of you wanted unique instancing or a dedicated chat channel, but that would bring more attention and work to an inclusion that was always meant to be fun and emergent. 

Keep your feedback coming in, and we'll keep you up-to-date. More design documents are to come, and you can expect more posts like this!

Elf City Design 2[edit | edit source]

Hey everyone,

It's a little late, but please find the confirmed changes [2] that we are planning to make to Iorwerth and Cadarn, based on your feedback. Let me know what you think, and thanks for all the stuff you keep sending us.

Iorwerth[edit | edit source]

Amendments have been made to the elf slayer master’s monster list, looking at data and general feedback from the forums/Twitter etc. We need to make sure this is the minimum total number of creatures, since players will be blocking and preferring a number of creatures. Creatures that have been added to the list from the last design document are in green, those that have been removed are in red.

Abyssal demons
Aquanites (kept, as these can be toggled on or off)
Black demons
Black dragons
Celestial dragons (oversight from the original list)
Cres’s Automatons
Dagannoth (for those who like fighting the Kings)
Dark beasts
Desert strykewyrms
Elf City elves
Ganodermic creatures
Greater demons (kept, as many players choose to fight K’ril)
Ice strykewyrms
Iron dragons
Kal'gerion demons (oversight from the original list)
Mithril dragons
Mutated jadinkos
Nechryael (oversight from the original list)
Order of Ascension members
Steel dragons
TzHaar (we are looking at the possibility of making TokHaar into TzHaar for the purpose of slayer)
Vyrewatch (for those who like fighting the lords and ladies)

Plus a new monster, to be revealed in future design documents


Aberrant spectres
Blue dragons
Fire giants
Jungle strykewyrms

There were requests for some creatures – glacors included – to be added as slayer targets. This is being looked at as a separate project. When/if those creatures are added, we will include them for the elf slayer master.

The Slayer Dungeon D&D will be broken down into bronze (level 85), silver (level 90) and gold (level 95) challenges with increasing rewards and difficulty of creature.

Title rewards will be added to the Slayer Dungeon D&D, including a ‘Slayer Master’ title. The Slayer Dungeon’s focus will escalate in difficulty as you progress through the waves.

The elf crystal chest will have an alternate drop table, designed to be equal in value to the Taverley drop table, but with a focus on elf items. Players will choose between the two chests. This changed drop table will likely be implemented with Batch 2 of the city.

Cadarn[edit | edit source]

We are not planning to increase the number of battlestaves purchasable from the Elf City, as an Elf City task set will improve this number.

A fountain in the Cadarn area will recharge the player’s dragonstone jewellery.

There will be an Ancient spellbook and prayer\curse swap in the Cadarn area.

There will be a ranged/magic buffing altar in the area, as a choice/counterpoint to the Iorwerth melee-boosting altar.

There will be a portal in the Max Guild garden. This portal will offer the player teleports to hard-to-reach skill locations depending on how many 99s they have. Teleport locations will include the high-level RuneSpan and your highest level of Divination colony.

Maygan will be changed to a more suitable elven name (we considered Maxine as many of you suggested, but it’s just not very elven).

The shattered heart statue will be moved to the garden, and not the Max Guild itself. This will be visible even to those who do not have a 99.

Skillcapes will be purchasable, but only if the player has bought the skillcape before. Master skill-capes will also be available from the Max Guild garden, as long as the player has already bought the 99 version of that cape.

The cost of the completionist cape was an error in the document. It should have been 5,000,000. Regardless, the completionist cape will not be available for purchase in the Max Guild.

Both the completionist cape and max cape will offer teleports to the Max Guild. The max cape will teleport to the Max Guild garden.

The Ninja Team are looking at removing the requirement of needing two players to access the Dagannoth Kings.

A trimmed completionist player will have additional effects, over and above completionist capers, if they sit in the throne.

A loom will be added next to the spinning wheel.

The combat NPCs will have a chance of dropping crystal weaponry for you to use. This was not clear in the design document

It wasn’t clear in the design document that you will be less likely to fail when pickpocketing in the Elf City. It also wasn’t clear that there will be no point (at least, it is very unlikely) where you cannot pickpocket from anyone in the Elf City.

The crystal bow and crystal shield in the concept are new models that will replace the existing bows and shields. This was unclear.

The halberd in the concept art will replace the ones held by the elves ingame currently

Elf City Design 3[edit | edit source]

Hey all,

Thanks again for your feedback [3] on the Crwys and Trahaearn areas (I'll never get used to spelling those). Here are our plans based on your comments:

Crwys and Trahaearn:

General comments:

A few of you have noted that Crwys and Trahaearn only add a little that is new to their related skills; some people wanted additional tiers of ore, log and bar to make elf gear. I wanted to quickly explain our thinking...

Trahaearn: Firstly, crystal weaponry is coming, but with the Ithell clan, which will be revealed this week. It also feels like the wrong time to make wholesale additions to Smithing when the entire skill is being earmarked for a rework (see the Runefest ‘Ideas for the Future’ session). We also pinpointed slow training at high levels and frustrations with exhausting rocks as the priority for improving Mining and Smithing, which is what led us to the Seren Stones and Seren Corruption.

Crwys: In terms of Woodcutting, we wanted a number of trees in one location, close to a bank and with the ability to socialize while cutting. That was our aim for the city, since Woodcutting already has a fair number of high level options for a budding lumberjack. From a Farming perspective, we wanted to spread the patches around the city, since movement around the city (Voice of Seren, Jack of All Trades) is a running theme, so you’ll find more and more farming patches cropping up in future design documents.

Other points:

We’ll be adding a character who will sell you seeds. A number of you mentioned that you wanted to buy saplings from this seller, but we want to know more from you - why would this be worthwhile to you? How would you want this to work?
We’re looking at ways of introducing concentrated mithril deposits. It’s likely that this will only appear during the Voice of Seren, and periodically within that hour. It will share many of the mechanics of concentrated ore in the Living Rock Caverns.
We will be adding a bank chest to the Trahaearn area.
We will be looking to add a hops patch to the Crwys area.
We like the idea of adding an effect to one or more of the farm patches in the area, in the same manner as My Arm’s farming patch. This should be earned, so we will be locking this behind the Elf Task Set.
A few of you wanted non-XP rewards for mining the Seren Stones, like a reward shop with a points system. We’re not convinced that the Seren Stones need this, in much the same way that choking ivy doesn’t need a reward shop – people’s motivations here will be more for the relaxed method of interaction, the XP and the social interaction.
Summoning gems will now be given in addition to the gem you would have received from a gem rock, not instead of that gem.
We received feedback that there are both too many and too few rocks in the area. We feel that the number of rocks is just about right.
We will ensure that onyx is very rare from the gem rocks
A few of you have wondered where the crystal tree is in the Elf City. Please read the Tower of Voices design document – you will be required to grow your own crystal tree in the centre of the city. We will likely change the name of this tree to subtly differentiate it from existing crystal trees, as they work slightly differently.
A few of you have questioned why the Crwys require a higher level of pickpocketing than the other elves. It’s our intention that the elves have a variety of pickpocketing levels, with increasing XP and values of drops, so that you feel a progression as you train your Thieving.
There were some requests for dwarves in the city, as well as some feedback that the dwarves should not be included. We like the idea, but there will be plenty of character in the Trahaearn area without the elves, and we’d like to keep this element hidden just for now.
An idea of including an ent gained a bit of attention on the forums. We like that idea, and we will be including one, making it the seed seller that was mentioned earlier.

Elf City Design 4[edit | edit source]

Today will be a bumper day of posting on the forums, as I list everything we are changing about the design of the Elf City!

Here are the changes to Ithell and Amlodd, based on your feedback.


An NPC will be added to the area who is trying to gather crystal seeds. Thematically, he is looking for ways to stabilize crystals so they do not need charges. A player can trade a dragon pickaxe/dragon hatchet and a number of crystal seeds to gain a crystal pickaxe/crystal hatchet.
* The crystal hatchet and crystal pickaxe will not degrade, and will be addable to the toolbelt. By using these items, the player will have twice the chance of gaining shattered heart and golden shattered heart rocks from crystal trees and the Seren Stones. The crystal pickaxe will also have a chance of generating an additional corrupted ore from the Seren Stones, while a crystal hatchet will have a chance of gaining cleansing crystals from crystal trees. The crystal hatchet and crystal pickaxe will both be untradeable. The crystal hatchet will require Attack level 70 to wield, and Woodcutting level 71 to mine with. The crystal pickaxe will require Attack level 70 to wield, and Mining level 71 to mine with. The aim is for the crystal pickaxe and hatchet to be an upgrade to their dragon equivalents, but an alternative to the adze and Imcando pickaxe. A player would change depending on what they wanted to achieve/where they wanted to train.
The player will be able to store any number of their crystal seeds on an NPC in the area
The bracelet of clay will give a player an additional soft clay every 1/5 mines of the soft clay mining node.
Ranged and magic shields will be added to complement the current melee shield.
We will make sure that the attuned crystal weaponry doesn’t devalue chaotics or other level 80 gear. The agility bonus will be offset by the degrading nature of the armour and, potentially, other disadvantages. This will be something we explore more at QA stage.
The crystal tools will provide a +5 bonus to skills, rather than +3, and they will each have a double chance of generating shattered heart and golden shattered heart rocks in their respective skills (this will stack with the Voice of Seren golden shattered rock benefits).
The Player-Owned House portal is being moved to the Ithell section
A water source will be added to the Ithell section
A range will be added to the Ithell section
A bank will be added to the Ithell section
A tanning NPC will be added to the Ithell section


Light cores and dark cores will be available outside of combat. Players will be able to get them from pickpocketing, the light creature agility course and more.
To clarify, light creature familiars will only ‘crush’ energy, and not memories. This means that you will be gaining purely memories from wisps. This allows you to save inventory space for memories. You will gain Divination XP for crushing energy, which will work out as slightly more rewarding than using that energy to convert memories at a crater. Basically, the light creatures are for people who aren’t interested in divination energy.
The light creature familiar will only remove the negative effects of the first 15 green tears from the Tears of Guthix cave
The light creature will be temporarily dismissed while you enter the Tears of Guthix cave, but its passive ability will still apply
The impling collecting reward will now be triple XP, not double XP, on caught implings
On completing the Impling Collector codex, the player will be able to choose between gaining triple XP or double items
On completing the Impling Collector codex, the player will also receive an elf outfit (‘thinker’ class)
As a player catches an impling, that impling appears in the impling collector’s house, so a player has a visual record of which implings they have collected. These implings will be permanent additions, but cannot be caught.
The document was slightly unclear and implied that you would be able to barehanded catch implings in Puro Puro. This will not be the case – you will still need jars to catch implings here.
Some players wanted more Summoning training methods in this section. It is worth noting that the Summoning pickpocketing NPCs will be an effective way of gaining charms, acting in a very similar manor to the ‘pickpocketing summoners’ update that we have talked about previously

Elf City Design 5[edit | edit source]

I'm going to get emotional! It's the last of the design document changes. I might cry.

So, here are the things that we are changing based on your feedback to design documant 5.


Medium and large lamps will not be available from the Hefin agility course


The level 95 Dungeoneering resource dungeon will unlock a gorajo, which will appear both here and in the Daemonheim camp. This gorajo will offer the player one card each day. Like clue scrolls, the player will not be able to own more than one card at a time. These cards can be taken into a Dungeoneering floor, when they will be used up, giving the player a benefit for that dungeon. Examples of these abilities might include the following, but are subject to change as we continue designing:
Far more likely for slayer creatures to spawn
Players can activate guide mode without an XP forfeit
Double damage on Dungeoneering boss
You can open all skill doors regardless of your level
Completing a floor gives you an extra Sinkholes ticket (uncommon)
Double dungeoneering tokens (uncommon)
Double Dungeoneering XP from the floor (uncommon)
Double skill XP from the floor (uncommon)
Various divine locations will appear randomly in the level 95 resource dungeon. A player can gather from just one of these locations until it exhausts per day, without contributing to the player’s resource limit.
The runite rocks will be removed from the level 95 Dungeoneering resource dungeon, since runite rocks are already offered in other resource dungeons (and in the Elf City)
As a note, future updates are planned that will offer resource dungeons between levels 95 and 115 Dungeoneering
The frost dragons will be removed from the level 115 Dungeoneering resource dungeon, since their proximity to a bank chest has been questioned. They will be replaced by new slayer creatures – the stalkers. These will range from combat level 150 to 180 (non-Legacy combat levels), and will be similar to the slayer stalkers and World Gorger. The stalkers will be added as a slayer task to Morvran and Kuradal, and will drop items that are useful specifically in the Elf City, as well as – more rarely – dungeoneering cards (so a player can gain more than one per day).
It was not clear in the design document about how the motherlode shards would work (the motherlode shards are gained from the summer promotion). An NPC in the Elf City, outside of the resource dungeon, will exchange 10 motherlode shards for 1 free go on the motherlode rock. The player will NOT have to access the 115 dungeon to spend their motherlode shards. The NPC will act as a motherlode rock for motherlode shards, and will give the player the item. There may be small changes to the motherlode drop table for those who use shards
The motherlode rock will now require level 95 in all skills to mine (and 115 in Dungeoneering). This makes it more exclusive, and means we can add more rewarding and high level items to its drop table.
The core aims of the motherlode rock have subtly changed, thanks to your feedback. Instead of giving the player elements that are required for the trimmed comp requirement, the motherlode rock will be mined for items that gently push a player to the completionist cape, while also offering ‘full sets’ of items. For example:
Shattered Heart rock
Golden Shattered Heart rock
Crystal half-keys, crystal keys, crystal triskelions and crystal geodes
Fight Kiln power-up crystals (only one at a time, like a clue scroll)
A full range of juju potions (uncommon)
Consumable items that specifically improve my damage output against nihil, QBD, KBD, volcanic creatures, airut or Dominion Tower bosses (these are all directly or indirectly connected to completion cape tasks)
A consumable item that temporarily increases the rate at which a player receives Livid Farm product points
A full range of perfect potions (rare)
Ancient effigies (rare)
A full range of combination potions (very rare)
A full range of dragon gear (very rare)
A full range of elf crystal weaponry (very rare)
Crystal acorn (very rare)

Other things to keep in mind about the motherlode rock. The following items will not be on the motherlode rock’s drop table: court case scrolls, tokens towards chompy kills, Castle Wars tickets, champion scrolls. Trimmed completion will remain as something that players have to actively pursue themselves with regard to the Elf City.
Key tokens will only be gained from the motherlode rocks at the same rarity as they would be from conventional mining rocks.
There will be thematic reasoning for how a motherlode rock can give these items
Juju potions will still be tradable, but they will have a Herblore requirement if you want to drink them. This herblore requirement is the same as the level required to make them. This means that high-level players can purchase large quantities of juju potions if they want to make perfect potions, while low level players will not be able to use them.
Juju herblore potions will no longer be an ingredient for perfect potions. The other juju potions will remain as ingredients, however. This is because the juju herblore potion is more widely used than the other juju potions. –
The perfect mining potion will now have a chance of giving you noted ores at the tier you are mining, rather than simply giving you coal. The ore that you gather will be of that tier, and (more rarely) that tier plus one. If you are mining runite, you have a chance of gaining high-level gems. This should make the perfect mining potion more attractive.
Perfect prayer potion will not increase the XP gained from gilded altar (many players found this to be overpowered). Instead, you will gain the effect of a gilded altar with lit candles even when you do not have them lit. We may decide to add more abilities to this potion if that effect is not considered strong enough.
To clarify, crystal flasks will be tradeable, same as other flasks.
Depending on time (as the code will require a great deal of work) a player will be able to decant crystal flask potions in a manner that allows them to be used in combination potions.
Wildfire Potion and Burning Potions will be added to the 20 combination potions, taking us up to 22 in total. These are the ranged and magic equivalents of the Berserker Potion (now renamed Firestorm potion), and will be a combination of Extreme Magic/Extreme Ranged and Extreme Defence. They will all be level 91 Herblore to make, will be found in Dungeoneering, and will cost 200,000gp.
We are aware that some combination potions will have effects that carry two different durations – the overload antifire, for example, which will have a 5 minute overload duration and a 10 minute antifire duration. Rather than nerf the antifire duration to bring it inline with the overload duration, we are going to leave this as it is. It will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to take another sip from your overload antifire.
To clarify, the Perfect Plus potion will give all of the combined abilities of the perfect potions, not the combination potions.
The chance of finding a combination potion recipe in Dungeoneering will increase depending on the player’s combined Herblore and Dungeoneering levels. This chance will increase sharply if the player has max levels.
A cupboard will be added to the herblore shop, where the player will be able to store any number of max-dose perfect potions and combination potions
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