Transcript of Priest in Peril journal entry

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  • I spoke to King Roald who asked me to investigate why his friend Priest Drezel has stopped communicating with him, I headed to the temple where Drezel lives, but it was all locked shut. I spoke through the Locked door to Drezel.
  • He told me that there was an annoying dog below the temple, and asked me to kill it, which I did easily. When I told Roald what I had done, he was furious. The person who told me to kill the dog wasn't Drezel at all!
  • I returned to the temple and found the real Drezel locked in a makeshift cell upstairs, guarded by a vampyre. I used a key from the monument to open the cell door and used Holy Water to trap the vampyre in his coffin.
  • I followed Drezel downstairs only to find that the Salve had been contaminated and now needed purifying. I brought Drezel fifty rune essences and the contaminants were dissolved from the Salve, and Drezel rewarded me for all of my help with an ancient holy weapon to fight with.