Transcript of Pride note

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Receiving the note[edit | edit source]

  • [Mod name] has given you a special message, take it?
    • Embrace your pride!
      • Player receives pride note.
    • Leave it for now.
      • (Dialogue ends)

Reading the note[edit | edit source]

  • You read the card...
  • (Player exclaims one of the following:)
    • Player: Ace people are valid!
    • Player: All for love and love for all!
    • Player: Aye-aye to being bi!
    • Player: Be proud of who you are!
    • Player: Bi people are valid!
    • Player: Carefree and LGBT+!
    • Player: Equality. Love. Pride!
    • Player: Gay people are valid!
    • Player: Happy Pride 2020!
    • Player: Happy Pride Month!
    • Player: It's ace to be ace!
    • Player: It's grand to be trans!
    • Player: It's okay to be gay!
    • Player: It's tres bien to be a lesbian!
    • Player: Keep calm and be proud!
    • Player: Love is Love!
    • Player: Make love not war!
    • Player: Non-binary people are valid!
    • Player: Pride not prejudice!
    • Player: Strength in diversity!
    • Player: Trans people are valid!
    • Player: United we stand!
    • Player: We are all people!
    • Player: We are beautiful!
    • Player: We are visible!
    • Player: We have worth!
    • Player: We're proud!
    • Player: You've gotta envy an enby!