Transcript of Premier Club 2016-2017 - RuneScape's ultimate membership package

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Welcome to the Premier Club.
[00:03] In 2017, we’ll be bringing you 3 RuneScape expansions starting with the Golden City of Menaphos,
[00:08] as well as a complete Bank rework, an elder god quest and a litlle British rain in the form of our weather system.
[00:14] Gold Premier Club lets you enjoy all of this at an unbeatable discount: 30 % off the price from a 12 month membership.
[00:21] They'll also enjoy some exclusive goodies such as the Menaphite ancient outfit
[00:25] and a desert Pantheon aura which allows you to pick from a selection of in-game benefits every day.
[00:30] There is no better way of experiencing all the member's content we'll be releasing this coming year.
[00:35] On top of all of those goodies, you'll have access to exclusive Q&As answered directly by developers, your own Premier Club world to play on and much more.
[00:43] Use your bonds to join in-game or head to the RuneScape website. It really is time to treat yourself to the ultimate RuneScape experience with Premier Club.
[00:55] Premier Club