Transcript of Premier Club - RuneScape's best-value membership package

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Love RuneScape?
[00:02] Get the most from your experience with Premier Club,
[00:05] your once-a-year opportunity to secure up to a year of supercharge membership and more for a bargain price.
[00:11] So what's on offer?
[00:13] This year you'll get access to the new and exclusive Premier Club vault,
[00:16] the ferocious Hellion armour set, extra keys,
[00:19] and a formidable rechargeable Hellion aura to take your gains to the next level.
[00:24] You can also claim any previous Premier Club-exclusive outfits you may have missed out on,
[00:29] including the legendary Menaphite and Paladin sets,
[00:31] perfect if you're completing your collection.
[00:34] You can snap up this bargain for a limited time from Friday the 24th of November,
[00:38] either from our website or by using bonds in-game.
[00:41] If you're unsure, that's fine.
[00:43] Go for bronze or silver and upgrade later before it expires.
[00:47] Don't miss out on our best membership deal of the year.
[00:50] If you love RuneScape membership, join the Premier Club.
[00:53] We'll see you in Gielinor.