Transcript of Praetorian's log page 5

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Field report...

No, I don't know why I continue with this. Who is there left to read my reports? I've done what I can to support the camp, setting up what remains of my squad to scout further out to ensure we remain safe here. So far, it seems our most dangerous foe will be this encroaching desert. It spreads unnaturally fast, and though it may take years to reach our camp, it is coming, and they must prepare for it.

I will soon head off on the second part of the mission the Praetor gave me - to track down Azzanadra and deliver this shadow diamond to him. I stare at it every night. It is clear to me now that it shadows our presence here, but the more I look into it, the more I feel its shadow within me. My anger towards the situation I find myself in grows. I was happy in my life with the praetorians, serving the empire. I had purpose, and now I am naught but a delivery boy.

I want revenge. To get justice for my fallen brothers and sisters. Not on the demons who attacked us - they are but pawns - but on Zamorak the betrayer. Mahjarrat or no, he will pay for his traitorous acts. Tomorrow, I set out north to find either of them...

If only the Pontifex Maximus had stayed to defend the fort, things might have turned out differently!

May they both be damned.

-Titus Damis