Transcript of Praetorian's log page 4

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Field report, day 4: The secret tunnels leading out are long and winding, filled with obstacles and traps. I have been leading the way, sending some of the scouts ahead to map our path and make it safe. One of them unfortunately perished right before we reached the exit, an overlook of the River Elid. We camped for the night in the tunnels. Tomorrow, we head out into the Kharidian. We have allies out there somewhere. we'll make for them in the morning for shelter.

Field report, day 10: The trees have thinned out and we've hit the edges of a burgeoning desert. I'd heard reports of this - since our victory against the Kharidians and the destruction of their god Tumeken, the area had begun a process of desertification. Thankfully, we can skirt around its edge to our destination on the western shore.

Field report, day 14: We have arrived. Some were lost along the way to exhaustion, but we were thankfully not harried by animals or other enemies. Two weeks ago, I was a praetorian of the empire. Today I am a refugee. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard