Transcript of Praetorian's log page 3

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Field report, day 1: I am conflicted, but I have my orders. While I do not want to leave my compatriots behind, the Prefect has requested for me to lead the evacuation of fort's civilian populace to safety. I fear the fort is lost. We cannot last out against this siege for much longer. The avernics outside will not spare the innocent, disgusting creatures that they are. Preparations are underway for the journey ahead. The Praetor wishes to speak with me before I head out.

Field report, day 2: The Praetor handed me a large gem - seemingly black in colour, but a purple hue shines from within when it gets caught by the light. She told me it was to ensure this gem did not fall into the hands of our enemies, should the fort fall as I suspect...but she also told me it contains a magic that should mask our movements. While I am good at reading people, I have never been good at reading her, and I could not tell if her concern lay with protecting this artefact, or if she was more concerned with ensuring our safety as we escaped. I swear I caught the corner of a smile as she handed it to me, though.

Field report, day 3: Preparations are complete. no time to lose. At daybreak, we were led through the kitchens into a little-used storeroom, within which some of our priests spoke a chant of 'de fumo strangulatus' at a back wall...which opened to reveal a secret exit.

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard