Transcript of Praetorian's log page 2

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Field report, day 8: The plan worked perfectly. The icyene should not have been caught by surprise like that...should have kept sight on the demons...but they let their guard down. Too consumed with their pious need to smite our 'evil empire', no doubt. While they were camping last night, we trailed a war band of demons through their ranks and they were almost wiped out. The few survivors flew off in retreat back north-east.

Field report, day 12: The war band we broke off to deal with the icyene has rejoined the main war party and they continue their determined march south to Kharid-et. We'll do what we can to harass their scouts as we go, but it would be safest to take word back to the Prefect.

Field report, day 14: We reach the fort this morning. Intel delivered. Avernic war party, thousands strong, en route to Kharid-et. Only two of the exploratores squads have returned, some with extra supplies, but not much.

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard