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Field report, day 3: We've been tracking a flight of icyene for two days now. Initially, we thought they were just passing by, but after watching them long enough, they're clearly flying in the direction of Kharid-et, just trying to mask their true destination. Nothing the fort couldn't repel, but no doubt they are just scouts for a larger force.

Field report, day 4: The icyene scouts veered off to the west today, unexpectedly. I sent a couple of my squad out to track beyond their path and they brought back word of a war party of avernics. In years past, that would have been sign for celebration - reinforcements. Given recent events, we must assume them to be hostile. Thankfully, the demons are not the smartest, and did not appear to notice being spotted by our flying foes, being that they were marching directly south towards the fort.

Field report, day 6: Our plan appears to be working... We've revealed our presence to the war party and have been leading them back east, closer to the icyene. We know they can't fly all day and all night, so they'll have to make camp someday soon. When they do, we'll lead them into conflict with each other. At best, they'll both need to retreat, but at worst, we'll have a much smaller enemy force to deal with.

-Titus of the Praetorian Guard