Transcript of Praetor's log page 4

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The shadow is a fickle ally - Sliske has taught me as much. It can hide much and keep it safe, away from most prying eyes...but[sic] equally it hides much even from those few of us who know how to manipulate it. Sometimes I wonder if Sliske's cruelty is born of his delving into the shadows. He was always 'playful', even back on Freneskae, but it was not until we allied with Icthlarin that he started to dabble in necromancy, and that cruelty worsened both under the reign of Zaros and the tutelage of Orcus.

Still, what choice do I have left? I alone cannot repel our enemies forever. The soldiers are dead, the fort near emptied. Only a cadre of my guard remains, and I fear they have fallen under the sway of Lucius. I had suspected they were given their own orders separate from those given to me. Now I see they are members of Orcus's cult. Bloody necromancers.

Fine, I'll leave them to whatever it is they're doing. At least I can be sure they are loyal. None of them have permission to enter the main vault anyway. This part is on my shoulders, and mine alone.

I have shrouded the entire praetorium within the Shadow Realm. It was draining, but the defence pylons helped lessen the burden. That should, at the least, keep away all but the most determined.

-Praetor Trindine