Transcript of Praetor's log page 2

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I cannot believe Azzanadra left me alone in this humid hole. I'd had enough of this place as a 'Stern Judge' and thought I was done with it since joining the empire, but here I find myself again. Why this place was chosen to house the Vaults of Heriditas, I'll never know...well, not now, at least.

Zaros, in his infinite wisdom, did not want them in his own Sanctum Sanctorum, nor even within the walls of the capital. Clearly, he knows some of the artefacts here are dangerous beyond measure, and now I'm highly suspicious of the whole thing...but then, being suspicious is my job. His infinite wisdom, however, did not predict this mess - typical male arrogance.

Fine, if this is my new charge then so be it, and it shall be done right. At least I get some time away from Sliske. For some reason, he took a shine to me all those years ago, but he's a nightmare to work with. Sometimes, he can be quite charming, and at least I seem to be exempt from his little 'pranks', but you never know when he's going to slip into one of his cruel moods. I'll be thankful of some time out from under his shadow.

-Praetor Trindine