Transcript of Praetor's log page 1

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The vault has been locked. There was not time enough to amend the security code, and so it matches that of the prison lock. This is unfortunate, but even if an enemy were to figure out that code, the chances of them being able to even find entry to the vault area, hidden in shadow as it is, is so remote as to not be a concern. My colleague and mentor, Sliske, is the only being I know of who would be able to breach this far, and so I leave this note to him, should the empire stand long enough for aid to come to Kharid-et... Sliske, you creepy sack of muspah dung, and yet somehow my staunchest ally - find me, bring me back. The secrets of the empire must be protected, and I cannot do it without you.

-Praetor Trindine