Dialogue for Portmaster Kags

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  • Portmaster Kags: Hi, I'm Kags, the portmaster round here. I run a volunteer transportation service and I'm going places!
  • Player: Really, you don't charge?
  • Portmaster Kags: I just love the ocean! Where would you like to go?
  • Where would you like to go?
    • 1. Transport to sunken pyramid.
    • 2. Transport to Crondis's pyramid.
    • 3. Transport to Jaldraocht.
    • 4. [More...]
      • 1. Transport to Nardah.
      • 2. Transport to Pollniveach.
      • 3. Transport to Dominion Tower.
      • 4. [More...]
        • (Returns to the previous options.)