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This transcript involves dialogue with Port district musician and the player.

Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Select an option
    • Who are you?
      • Port district musician: Me? I'm a musician! Let me help you relax: sit down, rest your weary limbs and allow me to wash away the troubles of the day. After a long trek, what could be better than some music to give you the energy to continue? Did you know music has curative properties? Music stimulates the healing humours in your body, so they say.
      • Player: Who says that, then?
      • Port district musician: I was told by a travelling medical practitioner, selling oil extracted from snakes. It's a commonly known fact, so he said. After resting to some music, you will be able to run longer and your life points will increase noticeably. A panacea, if you will. Ah, the power of music.
      • Player: So, just listening to some music will cure me of all my ills?
      • Port district musician: Well, not quite. Poison, lack of faith and dismembered limbs are all a bit beyond even the most rousing of harmonies, but I guarantee you will feel refreshed, and better equipped to take on the challenges of the day.
      • Player: Does this cost me anything?
      • Port district musician: Oh, no! My reward is the pleasure I bring to the masses. Just remember me and tell your friends, and that is payment enough. So sit down and enjoy!
    • Can I ask you some questions about resting?
      • How does resting work?
        • Port district musician: Have you ever been on a long journey, and simply wanted to have a rest? When you're running from city to city, it's so easy to run out of breath, don't you find?
        • Player: Yes, I can never run as far as I'd like.
        • Port district musician: Well, you may rest anywhere, simply choose the Rest option on the run buttons. When you rest, you will sit on the floor. When you are nice and relaxed, you will recharge your run energy more quickly and your life points twice as fast as you would do normally. Of course, you can't do anything else while you're resting, other than talk.
        • Player: Why not?
        • Port district musician: Well, you wouldn't be resting, now would you? Also, you should know that resting by a musician, has a similar effect but the benefits are greater.
      • What's special about resting by a musician?
        • Port district musician: The effects of resting are enhanced by music. Your run energy will recharge many times the normal rate, and your life points three times as fast. Simply sit down and rest as you would normally, nice and close to the musician. You'll turn to face the musician and hear the music. Like resting anywhere, if you do anything other than talk, you will stop resting.
      • Can you summarise the effects for me?
        • Port district musician: Certainly. You can rest anywhere, simply choose the Rest option on the run buttons. Resting anywhere will replenish your run energy more quickly than normal, your life points will replenish twice as fast as well! Resting by a musician will replenish your run energy many times faster than normal, and your life points will also replenish three times as fast.
      • That's all for now.
    • Can I ask you some questions about running?
      • Port district musician: Running? Of course! Not that I do much running, I prefer to saunter. But you adventuring types always seem to be in a rush, zipping hither and thither.
      • Player: Why do I need to run anyway?
      • Port district musician: Running is the simplest way to get somewhere quickly. When you run you move twice as fast as you normally would. Also, you don't look like the cowardly type, but most creatures can't run very fast, so if you don't want to fight, you can always run away.
      • Player: Can I keep running forever?
      • Port district musician: No, eventually you'll get tired. When that happens you will stop running, and start walking. It takes a while to get your breath back, but once you've recovered a little, you can start running again. You recover quickly whilst resting, or more slowly whilst walking.
    • That's all for now.
      • Port district musician: Well, don't forget to have a rest every now and again.