Transcript of Plague City journal entry

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  • I've spoken to Edmond, he’s asked me to help find his daughter Elena.
  • Alrena has given me a Gasmask to protect me from the plague while in West Ardougne.
  • She's making a spare which will be in the cupboard.
  • I've spoken to Edmond about getting into West Ardougne.
  • I've softened the ground in Edmond's garden enough to dig.
  • I've dug a tunnel into the sewers.
  • I've managed to clear the way into West Ardougne.
  • I've spoken to Jethick, he thinks Elena was staying with the Rehnison Family, in a timber house to the north of the city.
  • I've spoken to Milli about Elena, she says Elena was taken into one of the Plague Houses.
  • Bravek might give me clearance if I make his Hangover Cure.
  • I've given Bravek the Hangover Cure and he has given me a warrant to enter the plague House.
  • I've freed Elena from the Plague House.
  • I've spoken to Edmond and he thanked me for rescuing his daughter Elena.