Dialogue for Pillory guard

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Player: Hi there. What do you do?

Pillory guard: I'm a pillory guard. I guard the pillories!

Player: What are those, then?

Pillory guard: See those three small cages? That's them! If I catch anyone stealing stuff, or breaking any other less serious crimes, they go in there!

Player: Why not to prison?

Pillory guard: Well, it's a waste of court time and city resources for the small stuff. A few hours in one of my pillories is enough to make someone think twice about a life of crime.

Pillory guard: Especially with our resident tomato-throwing spectator over there.

  • If you try to pickpocket the pillory guard
    • Pillory guard: Oi, you're for da cage, player name!
    • Player gets teleported into the cage
    • Pillory guard: Let's see how you like them tomatoes!
      • If you try to unlock the cage
        • Pillory guard: Had enough tomatoes, eh? Have you learned your lesson?
          • Yes! Let me out!
            • Pillory guard: Fine.
            • Player is teleported out of the cage
            • Pillory guard: But no more funny business.
          • No! I did nothing wrong!
            • Pillory guard: Well, then you can stay in there!