Dialogue for Pig (pet)

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Normal dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue 1

  • Pig: Snort, oink oink oink snort? (How come I can't do fancy things like the other pigs?)
  • Player: The tunnel we trained you in wasn't fully working when we put you through it.
  • Pig: Oink, oink-oink snort? (So I'm not good enough?)
  • Player: That's not it. You're the first try. A prototype.
  • Pig: Oink snort? (Like Robochop?)
  • Player: Never heard of him, but I suppose so.

Dialogue 2

  • Pig: Oink oink snort? (Whut?)
  • Player: What?
  • Pig: Oink.  Oink oink snort? (No. I asked you 'whut'?)
  • Player: I meant what did you mean by 'whut'?
  • Pig: Oink oink snort? (Whut?)
  • Player: I think this conversation could go on a while.

Dialogue 3

  • Pig: Oink oink? (What now?)
  • Player: I have a few things to do then we can rest.
  • Pig: Oink oink snort? Snort grunt grunt. (Whut? I want to rest now.)
  • Player: Well you can't, so I guess you'll have to keep going.
  • Pig: Oink oink snuffle grunt... (Fine, but if you collapse I'm going to eat you.)
  • Player: You know, now might be a good time for a break after all.

Dialogue 4

  • Pig: Oink oink oink. (I bet gnomes taste good.)
  • Player: What?
  • Pig: Oink oink snort? Oink oink snuffle. (Whut? I just bet they taste good.)
  • Player: I don't think you can just say things like that.
  • Pig: Snuffle? Oink-oink-oink? (Why? Do people not like gnomes?)
  • Player: Not for dinner.

With bones in inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Pig: Snort snort grunt oink (Can I have some of those tasty, crunchy bones?)
  • Player: Why would you want them? And how do you know bones are tasty?
  • Pig: Oink oink snort oink. (I remember eating lots of them when I was little.)
  • Player: I wonder where you got them from.