Transcript of Phalaks' experiment log

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Experiment Log - Abomination tissue samples

Resistance to heat, cutting, acid and magic all in excess of samples taken from Dragonkin, human, elf and troll control subjects. Analysis at the smallest level shows a level of integration between muscle and bone that makes it difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. This would lead to a level of flexile movement unthinkable in all but deep-sea creatures while retaining a bone density equal to refined dragonite. In short, bone can flex like muscle while muscle tissue stiffens to make the 'frame' against which the bone-muscle pulls.

Experiments in producing this effect in Grotworms and humans has been unsuccessful to date.

Further analysis has been helped by curious properties within the samples. They do not seem to age or decay. Submerged a piece in filthy water and another in rotting human blood and neither showed any sign of spoilage. This could make for very interesting leather goods or light armour if it could be tanned while retaining this property.

Attempts to make a needle and thread for working a larger sample have failed.

Final notes - I have returned to Tarshak's 'sanctum'. The place was overrun by humans mining the bane ore that dropped from the chamber above when he was killed. I have captured many for further experiments. In addition I found that the bulk of his body 'lived' in a fashion. It seems that enough supplementary brain tissue, muscle mass, lungs and hearts survived the crushing. It 'lives' in an extremely rudimentary way. It does, however, regenerate damage done to it, minus the damage done when Tarshak removed his 'head' from it. This has made collecting samples considerably easier.

I have yet to perfect a process for grafting a new head onto the body to give it mobility and a level of control.