Transcript of Perils of Ice Mountain journal entry

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  • I talked to Lakki the delivery dwarf.
  • I found the delivery dwarf's missing crate in one of the bushes by the road.
  • I gave the crate to Drorkar in the power station.
  • I gave Drorkar's letter to Brother Bordiss.
  • I talked to Brother Althric about his dying roses.
  • I saved Brother Althric's roses. Suddenly, a gnome parachuted out of the sky and ran off to Ice Mountain.
  • I talked to Professor Arblenap, the gnome natural historian who was visiting Ice Mountain. He asked me to help him by catching four baby icefiends.
  • I gave four baby icefiends to Professor Arblenap. Suddenly, there was an avalanche!
  • The avalanche wrecked the Oracle's tent.
  • I fixed the Oracle's tent. She had vision of the future in which civilisation was destroyed by rising temperatures.
  • I told Nurmof about the damage the power station was causing. Nurmof told me that Bordiss made plans for an alternative power station, but he never presented them.
  • I asked Bordiss about his plans for an alternative power station. He told me that he had lost the key to his chest, and that was why he felt he had to become a monk.
  • I picked Drorkar's pocket and found Bordiss's key. Drorkar had stolen it!
  • I used the key to get Bordiss's plans from his chest.
  • I gave the plans to Nurmof and he agreed to knock down Drorkar's coal-dragon power station and build Bordiss' windmill instead. Ice Mountain environment is returning to normal.