Transcript of People are the Deadliest Disease

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This transcript involves dialogue with The Biologist and the player.

Before Voyage

  • The Biologist: Remember that someone broke into my lab and spread the plague?
  • Player: It's difficult to forget.
  • The Biologist: I jolly well know who did it! Not that it makes any sense, mind.
  • The Biologist: It was the sorcerer, Finia. He escaped my quarantine and joined the Blazing Lanterns! He's gone back to the pirates who captured him!
  • Player: Wait, he's working with them? So, he wasn't their captive after all?
  • The Biologist: It does seem that way. Perhaps the ratbag wanted to be a pirate, or they turned him - the captive joined the captors. Daemonheim Syndrome, I think it's called.
  • Player: But why kill his own? It doesn't make sense.
  • The Biologist: Human nature is an impossible science. I'm a fan of bacilli and viruses; they're slightly more predictable.
  • The Biologist: Influenza wouldn't gather a fleet of pirates to attack the sea orphans, for example.
  • Player: Wait, what? they're attacking?
  • The Biologist: In hindsight, I probably should have told you that first. There's three ships, approaching from the Pincer region.
  • Player: I don't suppose science has a solution to this?
  • The Biologist: I've got a few vials of acid and combustibles that might help. Let me hop on board. Pirates vs Scientists. Who knew?

After Voyage

  • The Biologist: We sank two out of three ships! Wahoo! Who needs dragon fire when you've got a biologist with exploding vials!
  • Player: Finia got away.
  • The Biologist: He did? Rats. Makes me wish I never cured him of the plague.
  • Player: What happens now? Do you intend to stay with the orphans?
  • The Biologist: Absolutely! Now more than ever. There's so much to learn from these people, and - who knows - maybe I can help them too. The book can wait. I'll push the boundaries of science at a later date. I'm sure it's not going anywhere!