Dialogue for Penwie

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  • Are you hunting animals, then?
    • Penwie: I'm exploring the region for the good of the gnome people.
      • Player: You're not tracking down huge beasts to kill - you look equipped for it.
        • Penwie: Well, if I find anything interesting I'll try and bring it back to the King. That might include animals, I suppose. I'd rather not kill it, though - most animals are more useful alive.
          • Player: How would you get it home, then?
            • Penwie: Never underestimate the ingenuity of a gnome, friend.
              • Player: Have you found anything else interesting around here?
                • Penwie: I've heard strange rumours about something the locals call the Broodoo. I haven't quite worked out what they are but they seem to be some sort of undead whose ghastly fate depends on the way they were killed. I think they may be sacrifice victims - but I'm not sure why they are sacrificed. Either way the locals seem to be very scared of them.
                  • Player: That's interesting. Thanks.